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classroom management solution

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  • Present to student devices
  • Monitor student devices
  • Lock screens & disable VPNs
  • Record screen activity
  • Quiz simple Q&A or formative assessment
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JoinInClass solves your BYOD problems by providing a simple console for teachers to monitor, control student devices, issue tests, provide feedback, and more!


It's important to know what students are up to when they're in class, but it's not always possible to get a good view of their screens. JoinInClass solves this problem by providing teachers with an easy way to view what is on student's screens at any time during the class.


No more time wasted gathering students to sit in front of a projector, or looking over their shoulder to make sure they are following a presentation. JoininClass allows teachers to demonstrate a slideshow or tutorial by projecting it to all devices, in real time!


It's one thing to know what your students are up to but the real power of JoinInClass is the control it gives to the teachers. JoinInClass allows you to lock students screens, direct students to specific web pages, and much more!

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JoinInClass is currently in testing at several locations in NSW. If you are interested in trialing JoinInClass at your school, please let us know!