Teacher Installation


The ‘Join In’ classroom solution enables teachers and students to interact using their BYOD laptops or class PC. The teacher is able to monitor and record student activity, quickly test students, send web pages to all students, share the teachers screen and lock screens to get students attention. The ‘Join In’ classroom solution requires the ‘Join In Teacher’ application to be installed on the teacher’s classroom computer and the ‘Join in Class’ application to be installed on each student BYOD laptop or the student computer in a Computer Lab environment. For further details go to ‘joininclass.com.au’.

Installing the ‘Join In Teacher’ application


The school administrator will install the required elements to run the Join In Teacher app on each school PC.

  1. Select the Join in Teacher shortcut on the desktop.
  2. The first time you run Join In Teacher or if there is an update available you will be requested to install the application. Select ‘Install’.

More information for advanced installation options in the administrators guide

Quick Start guide

The following screen will appear when you run ‘Join In Teacher’. From this screen you will be able to monitor and interact with your students devices.

Connecting your students to the application

  1. An alpha numeric ‘Code’ will be shown on starting the application. Write this code on the classroom whiteboard for all students to see. The code will be unique for the classroom and will change periodically.
  2. Make sure that all students have installed the ‘Join In Student’ application on their BYOD laptop or classroom computer using the instructions provided to them.
  3. Ask the students to start their ‘Join In Class’ application and enter their ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and the ‘Code’ shown on the classroom whiteboard (see Student screen below). Then ask them to select the ‘Join Class’ button.

Using the ‘Join In Teacher’ application

The Student Icons

  • The student icons show the screen activity of the students updated every few seconds.
  • Right Click on an icon to access actions for that student, including zoom in, lock screen or send a Chrome webpage.

The Function Icons

Switch between small and large student icons.
Open a webpage in Chrome then click this icon to send that page to all your students.
Lock all student screens to get their attention.
Question & Answer.
  • Quickly test your students grasp of the current lesson.
  • Send your students either a quick Pop Quiz or a question requiring a text response on the current topic
  • Poll the class to determine the level of understanding of the lesson.
  • See the results on screen or send them to yourself or others by email.
  • Create and save questions for future use.
Share Screen. Share your screen with the students. Optionally lock students into viewing your demonstration
Student Recordings.
  • Join In continually buffers the last 3 minutes of all student screen activity if ‘Record Student Screens’ is checked.
  • To save a student’s buffered recording to file, right click on a Student Icon on the Join In Main Screen and select ‘Save Screen Recording’.
  • You can review the recording and email an image from the recording to yourself or another person.
Exit ‘Join In Class’. The students will also disconnect.

The Utility Icons

Administration functions. A Join In administration password is required.
Support mode. Monitor the student screens of a class in progress. Ideal for support teachers and faculty executives. A Join In password is required.
Join In can be implemented in a computer room or lab so that the student devices will automatically connect to the teacher. Teachers with their own laptops can select a predefined lab with this button for the same result.

Stay Updated

JoinInClass is currently in testing at several locations in NSW. If you are interested in trialing JoinInClass at your school, please let us know!