We are a home grown IT outfit with over 20 years experience working in public schools across NSW.

We understand the struggles teachers face with BYOD as
we have seen firsthand the distractions they can cause in
the classroom with messaging platforms and online games. With our vast knowledge and experience as school IT specialists, we set out to create a program to help solve this issue and give teachers the tools they need to create a healthy relationship with technology in the classroom.

At JoinInClass, child safety is our top priority and privacy and spying applications are a big concern. As parents ourselves, we wanted to ensure the safety of each child
on their device. That is why our program is user driven, making it impossible to be used outside the school environment. You can be rest assured that each child’s
device will be safe and secure, whether at school or at home.

Stay Updated

JoinInClass is currently in testing at several locations in NSW. If you are interested in trialing JoinInClass at your school, please let us know!