JoinInClass installation instructions are available for Students, Teachers, and Administrators.

Student Installation & Quick Start Guide


The 'JoinInClass' classroom solution enables teachers and students to interact using their BYOD laptops or class PC's. The teacher is able to monitor student activity, quickly test students, send web pages to all students and lock screens to get students attention. The connection is initiated by the student and disconnected once the lesson is over and the application exits.

Installing the 'JoinInClass' application


  • The 'JoinInClass' application for Mac is available for free from the Apple App Store.
  • Search for 'JoinInClass' in the App Store and install the application on your Mac BYOD or school supplied laptop.


  • The 'JoinInClass' application for Chromebook is available for free from the Google Web Store.
  • Search for 'JoinInClass' in the Web Store under 'Apps' and install the application on your Chromebook BYOD or school supplied laptop.


Each student will need to install the 'JoinInClass' application by following the steps below. Each student sharing a classroom computer will need to install the application.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet as the application installs from a Microsoft Azure server.
  2. Open your school's website in a web browser and navigate to the Student Links section.
  3. Select the 'JoinInClass' installation URL link. The application will start installation.
  4. Select 'Install' at the Security Warning popup.
  5. If you receive a 'SmartScreen' popup then select 'More info'
  6. Select 'Run anyway' at the next 'SmartScreen' popup.
  7. The 'JoinInClass' application will now run and a 'JoinInClass' icon will appear on your desktop.

Quick Start Guide

The following screen will appear when you run 'JoinInClass'.

Connecting to the teachers classroom computer

  1. The teacher will write an alpha numeric 'Code' on the whiteboard. Enter your 'First Name', 'Last Name' and the 'Code' shown on the classroom whiteboard then select the 'Join Class' button.
  2. Your 'JoinInClass' window will disappear from view.

Using the 'JoinInClass' application

  • The teacher will initiate all actions for you. You may see a web page open, a quiz screen displayed or your screen locked so that the teacher can have your full attention.
  • When the class is over and the teacher exits the teacher application your 'JoinInClass' application will also exit after a few moments.
  • You can exit your application at any time by the standard Windows methods however the teacher will be notified of the disconnection.